Nutrition, meet precision

Micronutrition to be precise. No one’s getting enough micronutrients and no one’s talking about it.

A strict focus on what matters most: Nutrients with purpose

We are not chasing pointless perfection. We’re targeting meaningful, real-world impact that you can see, feel, and understand across both short-term improvements and long-term health.

Our criteria for micronutrient inclusion:

1. Significant deficiency in the US population
2. Measurable and meaningful health impacts
3. Impact that is supported by scientific evidence
4. Resolvable with supplementation and diet

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Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Vitamin A
Bone Health
Hair, Skin & Nails
Libido & Fertility

Our patented Nutrient Intelligence System manages the infinite complexity of nutrition

Your life’s not static — and neither are your nutrient needs, which call for an ongoing adjustment of your food and supplement recommendations. Ongoing and personalized adjustments require regular feedback to ensure your recommendations are as precise as possible. We achieve this through our patented feedback loop.

The Nutrient Intelligence System factors in key health stats, personal goals, and preferences combined with your blood nutrient data to intelligently forecast the supplementation needed to bring your body into your optimal nutritional zone.

Since seasonal changes in diet and lifestyle are often unavoidable, our system is designed around a quarterly test-and-track approach to dynamically adjust with your body’s supplementation needs. With every measurement, we get to know your nutrient biochemistry better, which means increasingly tailored recommendations.

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A revolutionary diversity of scientific expertise and approaches

The Baze approach isn’t about following marketing trends or settling for the status quo, but rather about following the evidence – that’s why when we set out to revolutionize the nutrition industry we looked outside of it for inspiration.

Building a team of lab and data scientists, dietitians, and bioinformatics experts, we leveraged the most critical aspects from different industries to create the next evolution in nutrition. We adapted concepts like point-of-care testing and prescriptive dosing & refinement and combined them with big data & algorithmic learning. Our patented approach makes truly personalized nutrition—based upon a person’s individualized body chemistry—possible for the first time.

Our analysis methods

Blood samples are centrifuged and processed using
mass-spectrometry techniques. Using our proprietary analytical platform, results are then analyzed.

We’ve worked closely with our partner laboratory to uphold the same rigorous scientific standards found in a national lab or doctor’s office. All of our methods have been validated in accordance with the guidelines set by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use.

All this while making it possible to miniaturize the blood test so you can administer it from the comfort of your home.

Health impact exists at the
intersection of science & action

Baze’s Nutrient Intelligence System has put us in the unique position of being the first company actually able to clearly demonstrate how supplementation resolves nutrient deficiencies. Specifically, we showed that 73% of our customers’ micronutrient deficiencies were resolved within just 3 months.

You won’t just see results in your Nutrient Report though—the results can be felt in your body as you go about your daily life. 87% of our customers reported improvements in energy, stress, and hair, skin, and nails. We’ve found that even the healthiest of people have a lot to gain from optimal nutrition.

Six years of scientific excellence and we’re just getting started

Food and supplements

Our goal is to make the world a healthier place by democratizing better nutrition. That’s why we’re always working towards offering more holistic nutrition guidance.

Public health

We share our pioneering work uncovering new pathways, biomarkers, and interventions in the field of nutrition because we deeply believe that a rising tide raises all boats.


We’re working hard to find ways to make blood nutrient testing more accessible, by providing the most available, affordable, and approachable testing solutions on the market.