Get the best
from your body

In a few simple steps, discover exactly what
vitamins your body needs and have them
delivered directly to you.

How it works

We offer a simple, affordable and fully-tailored
experience designed to combat nutrient deficiencies.


Test your
nutrient levels

You get a painless blood test delivered to your door to test your current nutrient levels.


Read your
nutrient report

We compile a detailed report for you that explains your current nutrient levels and deficiencies.


Get your personalized

You receive high-quality vitamins based on your specific nutrient needs in convenient daily packs.


Stay in the
optimal zone

We remeasure your nutrient levels every quarter and dynamically optimize your supplements.

Get started with
zero risk

If your levels are already optimal,
you get your money back.

For just $99, the Baze Starter Kit includes the blood test, your detailed nutrient report, and one month of personalized daily vitamin packs.

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Only blood tells
the true story

Blood testing is the only effective science based approach to understanding your nutrienet levels. Our test measures exactly what you’re missing in the place it’s missing from.

Using revolutionary new technology, we make blood testing easy and totally painless. Our MIT-developed test can be completed with the push of a button in under 5 minutes.

Our promise

Highest quality supplements

Our supplements are made in the USA and tested according to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring the highest standards of potency, efficacy, and safety.

Evidence-based science

Our technology is based on the latest research, proven lab technology and innovative processes. Learn more about it in our Science section.

Nutritionist reviewed

Every order is personally reviewed by a certified nutritionist and dietitian. Our two-step review process makes sure that it's more than just an algorithm that determines and checks your order.

Highest privacy standards

Your privacy and trust are our top priority. Your blood data is fully anonymized from the moment you drop it in the mailbox. Your vitals are your business.

Nutrients with real impact

We analyze key nutrients which have been scientifically proven to have a deep and lasting impact on your quality of life.

GMO Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
No Artifical Colors
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Bones &
Hair, skin
& Nails
Libido & Fertility
Sleep &
Strength &
Normal Impact
High Impact

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