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February 2nd, 2021

Nature’s Way acquires personalized nutrition pioneer Baze

(Boston, MA / Green Bay, WI) Nature’s Way, the leading manufacturer of high-quality supplements, today announced it has acquired full ownership of Baze, the pioneer in personalized nutrition.

Baze improves consumer wellness with an evidence-based approach to personalized nutrition. The Baze Starter kit contains an at-home blood test that provides a snapshot of consumers’ micronutrient levels, which is then used to recommend and provide a custom supplement and food plan targeting identified nutrient deficiencies. This approach has been proven to eliminate 73% of customers’ nutrient deficiencies within three months.

"Coming together with Nature’s Way is an exciting and logical next step for Baze, as we continue on our mission to provide our customers with products to improve their health and wellness through evidence-based, personalized nutrition," said Philipp Schulte, cofounder and CEO of Baze. "We strongly believe in the transformative impact personalized nutrition can have on our lives and are looking forward to being part of the Nature’s Way team."

Mike Devereux, CEO of Nature’s Way, added, "Personalized nutrition is an immense opportunity for us to expand on our mission of helping people live healthy lives. Combining the uncompromising quality of our products, with the industry-leading personalization capabilities at Baze, will create an outstanding new approach for anyone looking to further their health and wellness. Our teams are fully committed to continuing our leadership roles in quality and innovation in this growing consumer space."

The Nature’s Way and Baze teams will work together to build on the experience and intellectual property that Baze has developed for personalized nutrition. By combining the high-quality supplements from Nature’s Way, and the patented, evidence-based feedback loop created by BAZE, a better personalized nutrition experience will be developed for consumers. The acquisition closed on December 23, 2020. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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About Nature’s Way
Founded in 1969, Nature’s Way has been a pioneer in the health industry. Since then, Nature’s Way has evolved to encompass more than 1,000 supplements from Fortify® Probiotics and Alive! ® Multivitamins to oils and herbal remedies. Embracing the values of wisdom, integrity, authenticity and inclusivity, Nature's Way turns to nature to find and further a better way to wellness.

About Baze
Founded by Philipp Schulte and Dr. Isam Haddad in 2014, Baze is the first blood-based, at-home nutritional testing kit offering high-quality subscription supplements and personalized food recommendations. Baze measures micronutrient levels regularly to ensure sustainable improvement in nutritional imbalances and overall health. Once Baze analyzes users' samples, the company delivers personalized, smart vitamin supplements and healthy, nutrient-dense food recommendations to customers based on their results.

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