The future of nutrition is personal. Together, let's lead the way.

Become a leader in the new paradigm of supplementation using cutting edge technology. Partner with the first evidence-based supplementation program.

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General FAQs White paper

Become a partner

General FAQs White paper

Hear from our partner
Dr. Adam Bordes

Dr. Adam Bordes is the Chiropractic Director of North Florida Medical Center and Back & Neck Institute. Dr. Bordes has diverse experience in working with clients in private practice, at the American Council on Exercise and in functional medicine.

He strongly believes in decreasing inflammation, increasing physical activity and optimizing nutrition through personalized, evidence-based supplementation with the help of Baze.

The Baze approach

Baze was developed by a group of pioneers and elite practitioners at the cusp of nutritional science. Our goal is to help people make smarter decisions around their health and to provide actionable data to enable our customers to optimize their nutrition for the long-term.

We strongly believe that supplements are an important tool for ensuring healthy nutrient levels but that a one-size-fits-all approach has created a broken process and developed distrust in the industry. Baze works with our partners to provide them with the ability to carefully measure their clients’ nutrients, dose their supplements precisely, and adjust their regimen over time.

Our method and the science that drives it will help you confidently incorporate supplement practices into your business to help your clients optimize all areas of their health.

Become a partner

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Why partner with Baze?

Your Clients

Your Practice

Optimize your clients’ nutrition by:

Helping them make smarter decisions around what supplements they need, saving them time and money

Having access to evidence-based nutrition education through their mobile app and through access to Baze’s internal RD team

Allowing them to adjust their dosing over time, based on their evolving nutrient status

Restoring their emotional, physical, and physiological health

Optimize your practice by:

Having the ability to measure the impact on your client’s nutritional status

Saving you time by not having to refer your clients to get tested

Having a privacy protected portal to access the latest research, personalized digital & print materials and direct access to Baze’s internal RD team

Positioning yourself as a leader in personalized nutrition by offering discounted access to Baze’s program

Receiving incentives without ever getting in the way of clinical judgment