Pioneering Personalized Nutrients

The first truly personalized supplements
tailored to your actual nutrient levels

Daily supplements
made for you

Nutrients are essential. Your nutrient levels and needs are unique to you.

Only Baze measures your actual nutrient levels and provides you with the highest-quality supplements tailored to your body’s needs.

With personalized daily pill packs, Baze brings your body into its optimum state of wellbeing.

"I never knew if my vitamins were really working. With Baze I can measure what I’m missing and then watch my levels improve."

Kristina Wilms

Co-Founder & CEO of Arya mHealth

"I especially like that it is a targeted, i.e. data-driven approach. No more second-guessing, just clarity."


Manager at Google

"Trying Baze provided an intriguing insight into my health and ultimately made me feel more energized and resilient."

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