Truly personalized nutrition starts with a blood test

At-home blood collection and certified lab analysis for 11 essential nutrients. We’ll guide you from there with food and supplements.


Nutrition goes far deeper than calories and carbs.

The hidden treasure lies in the vitamins and minerals, transported by your blood, which play an essential role in thousands of critical processes in our body.

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A one of a kind test, with one of a kind results.

Blood testing is the gold standard for micronutrient assessment and our at-home collection device makes it as easy as possible to assess your nutrition status with just the push of a button.

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National Labs


Blood test

Time-consuming lab appointments

Painful and squeamish blood draws

Bloated with extra costs and overhead

Written for an MD

Busy staff without enough time to help

None = more hours of web searching



Blood test, context, & recommendations

At home and on your own schedule

The easiest test you’ll ever take

Same quality with savings passed on to you

Focused on your goals and easy to read

A team of dietitians and scientists at the ready

Personalized action plan

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Order the Baze Nutrient Test Kit to see where your blood levels for 11 essential nutrients stand. If your nutrient levels are already optimal, you'll get your money back.

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Or if you’re just interested in checking your nutrient levels periodically then that’s fine too!

73% of Baze customers’
nutrient deficiencies were
resolved in 3 months

On average, between 1st and 2nd nutrient test driven by approximately 3 months of personalized supplementation with Baze. We are not aware of any other supplement company that can show this data, let alone this impact.

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