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Forget your grandpa’s one-size-fits-all vitamins. You live in the future, where vitamins are personalized for your body’s unique needs.

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Taking vitamins today is like trying to
drive with a blindfold.

Are you taking the
right vitamins?

Depending on your biology and lifestyle your nutritional needs will vary widely. Multivitamins and daily recommended intakes are one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t account for your unique needs.

Are you getting the
right dose?

Get too little or too much and you’re risking negative outcomes. Everyone’s different – the perfect dose for you could be too much for someone else.

Are you actually absorbing
what the bottle claims?

Not all vitamins are created equal. Your body needs its nutrients in a form that it can easily absorb. It's what scientists call bioavailability.

What if you wanted to put more data
behind your choices?

The baze experience

Simple painless blood tests at home

  • - MIT developed painless technology
  • - Comfort of your home
  • - Free shipping

Your nutritional balance in a report

  • - Easy to understand
  • - Explanation of how every nutrient impacts your life
  • - Lifestyle and food recommendations
  • - Available on any device

Vitamins tailored to your unique levels

  • - Highest quality vitamins
  • - Reviewed by a nutritionist
  • - Organised for you into daily packs
  • - In the right dosage for you
  • - Free delivery, never run out

Ongoing personalization

  • -Regular adjustment of your vitamins based on your test results and lifestyle
  • -Ensure you stay in the optimum zone for each vitamin
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How does it work?

After your initial blood test, we send you another one every three months to measure your progress and keep you in your optimal zone for each nutrient

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Backed by Science

9 in 10 Americans are defficient in at least one essential nutrient. The impacts are dramatic from cardiovascular disease to better sleep, the science is clear. To tackle this issue, we assembled an international dreamteam of top scientists to help guide our research and keep us in the loop on the latest developments. Our vitamin test technology was developed at MIT and we have a patent pending on groundbreaking lab work.

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