Real potential comes from within

The first truly personalized vitamins, tailored to
your actual vitamin levels and needs.

Daily vitamins
made for you

Vitamins are essential. Your vitamin levels and needs are unique to you.

Only Baze measures your actual vitamin levels and provides you with the highest-quality vitamins tailored to your body’s needs.

With personalized daily vitamins, Baze brings your body into its optimum state.

Woman Taking Vitamins

Baze gets smarter
with every cycle

1. Sample your blood at home

Your blood knows the vitamins you need. You sample at home with our revolutionarily simple and pain-free test.

2. Receive your results

We analyze dozens of key vitamin markers in your blood and simplify them into 8 key metrics that impact your daily life.

3. Personalized supplements to your door

You get personalized daily vitamin packs, sourced from the world’s highest-quality brands, dosed to optimize your life.

Every month, the cycle repeats to bring and keep you in your optimal vitamin zone.

Nutrients fuel your life

The nutrients in your body have a direct impact on your quality of life.










Our mission

We believe in human potential.

Every human is unique and this starts with the forces inside us. Our inner processes depend on the proper balance of vitamins which differs for each individual and changes constantly.

As scientists, we know that when you get the right vitamins, the impact can be tremendous. That’s what gets us up in the morning.

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