We created Baze because nutrition is the best way to have a dramatic impact on people’s health.

The impact of poor nutrition in the United States is significant

#1 Nutritional imbalance is the #1 cause of
death in the United States.
540k 540,000 people die every year because
of nutrient deficiencies.
9/10 9/10 American are deficient in at least
one essential nutrient.

Optimizing Vitamin D alone can account for adding up to 3.4 disease-free years to your life.

The American Journal of Clincal Nutrition conducted an analysis of 14 studies involving over 60,000 participants. They demonstrated that bringing someone from deficient to optimal Vitamin D levels reduces risk of death by 31%, which is equivalent to adding 3.4 disease-free years to your life. 93% of Americans are not getting their daily recommended intake of Vitamin D.

The people behind Baze

Our origin story

After working in the biotech and supplement industries for years, our founders, Philipp and Isam, were frustrated by how today’s supplements were based on marketing and driven by corporate profits instead of a desire to improve people’s lives. They founded Baze to bring high quality, affordable nutrients to people to help them improve their health in a way that’s transparent and convenient.

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Fun-loving, world-changing group of do-ers. Seeking new friends to help us revolutionize nutrition. Located in Berlin, Boston, San Francisco, and Zurich.

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