Baze is for thinkers and for doers,
just like you.

We like to know what
we need to keep our bodies
running and our minds
focused. This is our story.

Let’s start with the problem

The impact of poor nutrition in the United States is more significant than we first realized

Nutritional imbalance is the #1 cause of health issues the United States

540,000 people lose their lives every year because of nutrient deficiencies

9/10 Americans are deficient in at least one essential nutrient

From the Journal of the American Medical Association.1

We couldn’t stop thinking about it and many sleepless nights
later, we decided that something needed to be done

Blood tells a story

To make the science exact we needed the one thing that makes you entirely unique, a blood sample. Surveys and questionnaires do help us to build a picture of your requirements, but it just isn’t enough. We’re perfectionists you see. So we bit the bullet, designed an affordable solution and began the process.

The at-home blood-test, spun out from MIT labs, is a quick and painless blood test. We like it because we’re scared of needles. Blood, like all things, is constantly changing, which is why we decided we needed to work more closely with our users. We help you re-measure every three months to make sure that the vitamin regimen is still working for you.

Did you know?

A program of vitamins can improve your cognitive abilities?

We love what we do

It may seem to be a cliche but we are passionate about making the world better for our friends, loved ones, and customers. How could we not be excited about finding long-term solutions to long-term problems? At Baze, we do what makes a difference to people and that's what gets us out of bed in the morning. That and a healthy dose of vitamin B-12 that is shown to fight fatigue.

Join our team

We learn every day how different people can be, so of course, we seek and support diversity and inclusion when hiring. If you’re interested in working with us, remember we don’t hire workers, we hire people with fresh ideas, passion and enthusiasm for what we do. If that's you, then tell us all about it.

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