Good health isn’t a
guessing game

We are on a mission to enable every person to achieve
their best health through a science-led, results-driven
food and supplement platform.


Nutrition that works

Imagine a world where nutrition isn't guesswork—you know what's happening with your body, and you have access to the exact nutrients you need. You are empowered to improve your health, and thus, your life! This is the future we see, and our part is to help you reach your health goals by providing the only dynamic adjustment program with measurable results.


Let’s close the gap to good health

We believe that personalized nutrition is the biggest impactor for good health—and the key to transforming your life. But with all the misinformation in the health and wellness industry, it can be hard to know what your body needs. That’s why we combine scientific evidence and expert guidance with quality ingredients—all conveniently delivered to your door. Let's conquer the journey to optimized health, together.

Meet Our Founders

Like the beginning to all good stories, ours started with a conversation in a bar. It was 2014, and our founders were talking shop over drinks one night. Biotechnology and health industry veterans, they were commiserating on how the current health paradigm simply wasn’t working.

Baze Co-Founders, Isam Haddad, CTO and Philipp Schulte, CEO


CTO, Co-Founder


CEO, Co-Founder

Health solutions, particularly dietary supplements, were being marketed left and right, but no one was focusing on whether they were actually improving people’s health.

They founded Baze to bring affordable, high-quality, and effective nutrients to people; not just to prevent harm, but to make people feel good.

Our Science Team

Our Science Team spent more than 4 years developing what Baze is today. They stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world of nutrition science and ensure we’re providing you with the most personalized and effective nutrition solutions possible.

Dr. Eugenia Alfine, Lead Nutrition Scientist

Dr. Eugenia Alfine

Lead Nutrition Scientist

Our Scientific Advisory Board

A group of pioneers and elite practitioners at the cusp of nutritional science. Our members help guide the scientific direction of Baze. They advise us on the latest techniques, clinical studies, and ongoing research.

Photo of Eran Segal

Prof. Eran Segal

Prof. Eran Segal gained his PhD from Stanford University and is currently a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His research has focused on the necessity of personalized diets and proving how the same food can trigger different bodily responses in different people. We value having a pioneer in research and a globally recognized academic to advise us on how we can help further the aim of personalizing our diets.

Photo of Lutz Graumann

Lutz Graumann, MD

Lutz Graumann has led the German Army’s medical corp for 10 years and worked closely with the German Special Forces. He has been on various critical missions abroad. He has since worked as a performance coach with C-level executives and athletes. We are incredibly honored to have him advising us in the matters of performance medicine.

Photo of Joshua Kotfila

Dr. Joshua Kotfila

Dr. Kotfila holds a BS in Dietetics, an MS in Human Nutrition, and a PhD in Nutrition Sciences. His focus and expertise is in scientific affairs and product development, drawn from his extensive work at top-tier research universities and Fortune 500 companies. We appreciate his contributions in the development of new dietary supplements as well as functional foods and beverages.

Photo of Dr. Eugenia Alfine

Dr. Eugenia Alfine, Nutrition Scientist

Dr. Eugenia Alfine has a BS in Biology, an MS in Human Nutrition, and completed her PhD at the German Institute of Human Nutrition. Her research focused on the molecular mechanisms of nutrient metabolism, and she is responsible for the curation of our Nutrient Information System.

Baze Leadership

Our leadership team keeps us laser-focused on creating no-nonsense solutions so you can find and live your best life.

Alex Boches, Baze Chief Operating Officer

Alex Boches

Chief Operating Officer

Jenkin Lee, Baze Chief Product Officer

Jenkin Lee

Chief Product Officer

Our Values

We’re passionate (and a little obsessed) with making sure our products and services are driven by science and innovation while also being actionable, realistic, and measurable.

Rooted in science, a Baze value

Rooted in science

Devoted to empathy, a Baze value

Devoted to empathy

Realistic about health, a Baze value

Realistic about health

Committed to results, a Baze value

Committed to results

Join Us on Our Mission

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