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August 20th, 2020

Personalized nutrition company Baze announces patent grant on their “feedback loop approach” to micronutrient precision

Innovative inputs, an intelligent recommendation platform, and ultra-tailored nutrient solutions, this patent protects Baze’s core technologies as the industry-leading personalized nutrition platform.

BOSTON, MA – Thursday, August 20, 2020Baze, personalized nutrition start-up and recent Nutraingredients Award winner announced that it has been awarded a patent for its novel “feedback loop-approach” for assessing, recommending, and dosing personalized nutrients (EP3469359A1). This further strengthens Baze’s position as the industry leader and protects their unique approach to providing personalized nutrient recommendations.

Philipp Schulte, CEO and co-founder of Baze says, “We applied for this patent four years ago, when the personalized nutrition industry was still in its infancy. We knew there was a better way to make personalized nutrient recommendations; we leveraged our team’s mathematical, pharmaceutical, and medical backgrounds to sketch out our now-patented approach to true precision nutrition.”

At the core of the patented process is the recommendation engine that takes customer’s inputs—blood nutrient levels obtained from an at-home testing device, anthropometric and lifestyle data, and health goals—and turns it into precise nutrient recommendations, which can be fulfilled through targeted supplemental nutrients and nutrient-dense food options.

What especially makes this patented process truly innovative is the ability to continuously reassess biological and lifestyle inputs that can be put back into the recommendation engine. This ever-evolving feedback loop becomes more intelligent and precise as more data is leveraged. “We’re thrilled by this patent approval and feel it further validates the industry-first innovative approach that we’ve brought to life over the years”, says Schulte.

The company is continuously expanding its set of reported micronutrient biomarkers, and are also looking to leverage other digital markers and DNA. To target nutrient needs, Baze recommends a precise supplement regimen, provided in monthly packs for easy habit building, and they have recently expanded their platform to incorporate holistic food and meal recommendations. In July, the company announced a strategic partnership with next-gen frozen food brand, Performance Kitchen.

About Baze
Founded by Philipp Schulte and Dr. Isam Haddad in 2014, Baze is the first blood-based, at-home nutritional testing kit offering high-quality subscription supplements and personalized food recommendations. Baze measures micronutrient levels regularly to ensure sustainable improvement in nutritional imbalances and overall health. After analysis, the company delivers personalized, smart supplements and healthy, nutrient-dense food recommendations to customers based on their results.