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July 9th, 2020

Baze Unveils New Strategic Phase in Personalized Nutrition, Partnering with Performance Kitchen to Bring Nutrient-Dense Meal Options to Its Users

With the new partnership, Baze expands the Company’s recommendations beyond supplements in an effort to broaden offerings into a more holistic and convenient personalized nutrition platform

BOSTON, MA – Thursday, July 9, 2020 Baze, a pioneer in personalized dietary supplements, today announced an expansion of its services to include food and meal recommendations from Performance Kitchen, a healthy and convenient frozen meal brand with a wide variety available nationally. Best known for developing the personalized nutrition industry’s first convenient, at-home, pain-free blood test for assessing micronutrient deficiencies, Baze is adding Performance Kitchen’s food to their targeted supplement program in order to provide their customers with more holistic and dynamic ways of addressing their nutrient deficiencies.

Founded in 2014, Baze has discovered that 93 percent of the US population is at risk of two or more nutrient deficiencies, even when following healthy diet guidelines. The Company’s evidence-based approach has already been proven to eliminate 73 percent of its customers’ nutrient deficiencies in just three months. Baze’s new move to include food recommendations will now address the root cause of the issue – the need for more nutrient-dense diets.

The addition of Performance Kitchen meals to the Baze platform positions the Company as the first nutrition platform that connects users to both food and supplement recommendations, specifically targeting nutrient deficiencies and creating convenient and impactful personalized nutrition experiences.

“Our objective has been to bring together the worlds of personalized dietary supplements and actionable food solutions. One thing that we are very aware of is that the current state of nutrition solutions is very fragmented, resulting in a lot of complexity which makes it difficult for people to adopt and adhere to new diet habits. Our position at Baze is that while there will always be an important role for targeted supplementation, the issue starts with diet and our solution can help our customers be smarter about what they eat. We believe this holistic approach in partnership with Performance Kitchen will result in even better results in achieving optimum nutrition, and will also reshape how our customers think about food as tools for addressing their micronutrition needs,” said Philipp Schulte, CEO of Baze.

From the beginning, Baze has understood that for the program to drive meaningful health impact through nutrition, it has to start with the right approach and with the most actionable data. Rather than relying on a “one size fits all” method to supplementation, nutrition scientists and Registered Dietitians at Baze have developed a personal supplement system based on an individual’s nutritional deficiencies.

In the market now for two years, Baze customers are recommended a unique supplement regimen that is tailored to correct their identified deficiencies, after submitting blood samples that measures micronutrient levels along with a questionnaire and digital biomarkers. Now working with leaders in the food industry like Performance Kitchen who are creating nutrient-dense food options, Baze can have a greater measurable impact on improving customer’s blood nutrient status.

“A balanced nutrition plan that blends healthy nutrient-dense foods with tailored supplements will allow for a more holistic solution,” said Schulte. “We're excited to ultimately provide our customers with more flexibility in how they address their nutrient needs,” he added.

About Baze
Founded by Philipp Schulte and Dr. Isam Haddad in 2014, Baze is the first blood-based, at-home nutritional testing kit offering high-quality subscription supplements and personalized food recommendations. Baze measures micronutrient levels regularly to ensure sustainable improvement in nutritional imbalances and overall health. Once Baze analyzes users' samples, the company delivers personalized, smart vitamin supplements and healthy, nutrient-dense food recommendations to customers based on their results.

About Performance Kitchen
Performance Kitchen, formerly Luvo, is creating the next generation of frozen food, focusing on great taste, convenience and nutrition through its wide variety of Performance Kitchen and Performance Kitchen Crafted meals. Originally founded in 2011 with a mission to make it easy for people to eat nutritious meals that taste amazing every day, Performance Kitchen works alongside a team of chefs and registered dietitians to develop a variety of frozen ready-made entrees with real, wholesome ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Performance Kitchen meals, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free bowls are available in grocers nationwide in the U.S. and Canada, and on select Delta Air Lines flights. Performance Kitchen has partnered with athletes such as Russell Wilson, Derek Jeter, and Natalie Coughlin who have personal connections to the brand mission of improving lives through better nutrition.