Baze Vitamin Test

A one-time blood test to learn about your vitals.

We say, let your body decide. We offer a pain-free blood test you can do at home. We share those results with you and use the data to work out which vitamins you are deficient in and how these imbalances impact your life.

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The only painless blood test

We use blood tests for one reason. They are the only accurate way of determining your body’s nutrient levels. We offer the only painless blood test that you can do from home.

You can skip the doctor's visit and sample your blood from the comfort of your home, with the push of a button. Then send your sample to our lab so we can personalize your vitamins.

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What we measure

Our certified lab analyzes key nutrients which have been scientifically proven to
have a deep and lasting impact on your quality of life and longevity.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Vitamin D

Making blood testing affordable

With groundbreaking technology spun out from MIT, it's no wonder that we can out perform 20th century labs.

Traditional blood testing is filled with overhead and middlemen costs. By selling directly to you and through our proprietary lab processes we are able to drastically reduce the costs and pass those savings on to you.







Discover your nutrient levels

After we analyze your blood, we generate a report explaining the impact of each nutrient on your life. We perform certified lab analysis of 8 key nutrients in your blood. You get a score for each vitamin that you can track over time and an overall score so you know how you are doing.

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Baze Subscription

  • At-home blood tests every 3 months
  • Nutrient summaries every 3 months
  • Monthly packs of personalized vitamins
  • Optimize your body and stay there

per month, pause or cancel anytime

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Vitamin Test

  • 1 at-home blood test
  • 1 nutrient summary based on your results
  • Add 6 weeks of personalized vitamins for just $59

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Frequently Asked Questions

We first send you a blood test for you to do at home that you need to send back to us. Once our lab processes your results, we share your nutrient summary with you and send you your first month of personalized vitamins that are based specifically on your test results.

It takes 3-4 business days for your blood sample to reach our lab and another 1-2 weeks for them to process it. The moment the lab is done, our nutritionist reviews your anonymized results and shares them with you within 24 hours.

We hope you stay with us but if you would like to pause or cancel, please drop us an email at or give us a call at 1 (617) 401-3076.

Our research has shown that these vitamins have the most meaningful impact on your body. We’re always hard at work on expanding our offering and you can expect additional vitamins to become available over time.

A common misconception is that vitamins don’t have any effect. It is true that taking vitamins without understanding the type and dosage that your body needs has little to no impact1, 2 (it can even be harmful). Similarly, studies have shown that a multivitamin approach is equally ineffective1.

This doesn’t mean that vitamins don’t work – in fact, evidence based research has shown that taking the right dosage of the right vitamins can have lasting benefits1,2. Our customers have experienced the health benefits of taking vitamins personalized to them, in as little as three months.

The fact is that it’s really hard in our fast-paced, high stress, always on world to get the optimal amount of nutrients you need through diet alone. At Baze our approach is to support you doing the best you can through diet and then help you fill in the gaps with high quality supplements.

Great work! We’re sure your body is thanking you. Just like with working out where you need to continue exercising to maintain your results, you should continue with Baze vitamins to stay in your optimal zones.

Your lifestyle and your body changes all the time which is why we help you remeasure every three months to make sure your vitamins keep up with you. We also have a team of nutritionists who pick the highest quality and absorbable vitamins specifically for you, saving you time.

More questions?

Check our full list of FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.