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The case for personalized nutrition

Since Casimir Funk first described “vital amines” in 1912, we have seen major improvements in public health through sizable reductions of then commonplace deficiencies.1 Yet over 100 years later deficiencies in a multitude of macro- and micronutrients (e.g. Vitamin D, E, Omega-3 fatty acids) remain highly prevalent in the general United States (US) population.2

These nutritional deficiencies have been found to raise the risk for a wide array of health outcomes including the leading causes of death (i.e. cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplasms, diabetes, and cerebrovascular diseases).3-10 Therefore, addressing them is of vital importance to continue to build on the progress we have made thus far, but we also need to move beyond just preventing deficiencies toward the optimization of health and performance for each individual.

This dossier will lay out the current state of nutrient intakes in the US, its consequences for human health, and how moving to objective measurements of nutrient status coupled with customized dietary supplement protocols will enable individuals to not just avoid deficiencies, but optimize intake for maximal fitness and well-being.

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1-10 References included in introduction.


Analytical platform

Our next-generation lab platform has been developed together with leading Swiss researchers and allows micronutrient status analysis from a 100ul blood sample. It is employed in certified labs using validated processes.


Our app acts both ways. To provide you with your nutrient status report and useful insights and recommendations on how to optimize your nutrient supply. But as well to feedback data on your lifestyle and changing needs into our algorithm platform.


Our algorithms combine your nutrient level with your lifestyle information from the app to provide the nutrient dosing which is right for you. With every new measurement they get to know your nutrient biochemistry better and adjust your dosing accordingly. To drive nutrient personalization further and further. These algorithms are patent-pending.


When our users provide informed consent, we use their anonymized data to advance research in nutrient science and related areas. Our ambition is to uncover new pathways, biomarkers and intervention options to advance the science of health and wellbeing.

What we measure

Nutrients impact many functions of your body. We call them Vitals.

Our algorithms are based on the state of the art in nutrition science to provide you with the right nutrients for optimum vitality.

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The Baze approach

The key to effective personalized nutrient supplementation is an integrated cycle of measurement, dosing algorithms and supplements. The Baze advantage is that we make this process easy and convenient for you.

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