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Here’s what our customers had to say when they took a measurable and actionable approach to their health and nutrient levels.

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73% of Baze
customers’ nutrient deficiencies
were resolved in the first 3 months1

We test and analyze what our customers need. With follow-up testing,
we create feedback loops and can show that our supplements work.

1 On average, between 1st and 2nd test driven by approx. 3 months of personalized supplementation with Baze.
2 We are not aware of any other supplement company that can show this data, let alone this impact.


It’s not just about avoiding deficiency, it’s about optimizing your nutrient levels

Your health is not just about surviving. It’s about thriving. This means that even when your nutrient levels are considered normal, they may not be optimal for you.

Meet your Baze Zones—the sweet spot of blood nutrient ranges. These zones are individual for each nutrient and are within the larger normal zone. The Baze Zone is chosen based on where extensive research points to the greatest health impact.

Your Baze Scores uniquely tell you how close your nutrient levels are to the optimal Baze Zone for each nutrient.

What are your Baze Scores?

2 hands holding a phone displaying their Baze Nutrient Report, which shows an optimal Baze Score of 91

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