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Health advocate

For months after having my first child, I was feeling tired every evening. A friend suggested that I might be vitamin deficient and that I should try Baze.

Now I have the energy to pursue my hobbies again and have even started attending a yoga class.




Vitamin D


Software Engineer

I was looking for a place that could deliver vitamins to me so I could get over a plateau in my training and that's how I came across Baze.

After a few weeks of taking the vitamins, I could feel my recovery time improving and finally broke through my training plateau.

Vitamin B12



Primary School Teacher

I’ve always been conscious of my vitamin intake because I’m a vegetarian and I know that I need to balance my diet without eating meat.

Since I started Baze, I can just enjoy cooking and eating without always worrying about what I’m missing from my diet.


Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

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