Strength & Endurance

The body requires energy to perform any movement or activity, including all metabolic processes such as muscle contraction, food digestion, brain and nerve function, etc.

Energy Production

Athletes and physically active people are always looking to improve their exercise performance. For this purpose, not only energy is required but also optimal recovery from training. Therefore, nutrients involved in energy production, such as B-Vitamins and magnesium are considered in this vital as well as also elements that increase exercise recovery to make you perform at your best.3

Physical Performance

Often a sign of age-related physical decline, poor physical performance is detrimental to overall health and quality of life, as it reflects compromised muscle and/or bone function. But optimal physical performance is also a crucial factor of athletic performance. Optimal muscle and bone function may increase athletic speed performance, recovery, endurance, and strength as well. Many nutrients may boost physical performance by improving energy metabolism as well as muscle and bone function.1,2

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