The Baze approach

The key to effective personalized nutrient supplementation is an integrated cycle of measurement, dosing algorithms and supplements. The Baze advantage is that we make this process easy and convenient for you.

What you get

Sampling kit & analysis

A revolutionary device which conveniently samples four drops of your blood. Simple & pain- free. Analyzed in our lab.

The Baze app

Our app is on your side. It displays your nutrient status, asks some questions to help us further personalize your supplements and explains the supplement packs you receive.

Personalized supplement packs

We send you a monthly pack of high-quality brand supplements personalized to your nutrient status and needs. With a final quality check by our certified pharmacy partner.

Dynamic personalization

Our algorithms take into account your blood nutrient status, lifestyle, goals, and season. As these parameters change, your monthly nutrient pack is dynamically adapted. And as we get to know you better over time, your dosages will be increasingly personalized to your individual biochemistry.

What we measure

Nutrients impact many functions of your body. We call them Vitals.

Our algorithms are based on the state of the art in nutrition science to provide you with the right Nutrients for optimum vitality.

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