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Vitamin Test

Look inside your body and understand what you’re missing and really need.

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6 Weeks of Vitamins

Personalized vitamins, in daily pouches, delivered to your door.


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Get personalized daily vitamins sent to your door based on quarterly nutrient tests.

Get the dose your body needs and nothing you don’t. No more guesswork or risking overdoses.

Top quality supplements sourced for purity and bioavailability, conveniently sent to your door in daily packs.

Our algorithms adapt to your individual biochemistry, continually personalizing your vitamin packs over time.

starting at $85/span> / month

How does Baze compare?

The Future
The Past
Optimal vitamin supplementation steps
GNC Vitapaks

Dosing based on broad categories

e.g. women over 50, “active” people, etc.


Personalization based on questionnaire data

e.g. lifestyle, eating habits, personal goals.


Personalization based on molecular nutrient status assessment

Measures actual vitamin status to customize vitamin selection.


Explore and track your body's nutrient status via an app

Explore the science that drives your body and build lasting habits.


Transparent vitamin dosing

e.g. sources, forms, certifications, dietary compliance, etc.


Convenient daily packs

Shipped to your door every month.


Know that your vitamins are really working

Tracks results and adjusts dosing to changing nutrient status and lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Shipping of sample kits (both to you and back to us) as well as shipping you your vitamins are both included in our prices.

We ship to all US states. If you're outside of the United States please sign up to our waitlist and be first in line when Baze is available in your area.

We use end-to-end SSL encryption and all our servers are protected using industry leading security measures.

We recommend testing every three months. We have found this to be the sweet spot to check in on your progress and adjust your doses with you as your life evolves. This is why we test every three months in our subscription.

We have both web and iOS apps which means you can access your report, track your pill packs, and learn about nutrition on any phone, tablet, or computer. That includes any device running MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Simply email us at You will retain access to all your data in the app. If you would like us to permanently delete your data, simply let support know and we will do so.

More questions?

Check our full list of FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.