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Starter Kit


The Baze Starter Kit box with a painless blood testing device.

Our starter kit includes your blood test and 4 weeks of free personalized vitamins to get you started.


Personalized vitamins

From $20 per month

Personalized pill pack with scattered vitamins

After your Starter Kit, you pay only for the vitamins you need with personalized plans starting from $20 a month. You can cancel at any point and still have access to all of your nutrient reports and data. You’re in control.


Remeasure and optimize

$99 per quarter

Graph demonstrating improved nutrient levels over a 3 month period

To keep your vitamins truly personalized, we offer quarterly blood testing so you can check in on your vitals.

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If your levels are already optimal,
you get your money back.

For just $99, the Baze Starter Kit includes the blood test, your detailed nutrient report and one free month of personalized daily vitamin packs.

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Making blood testing affordable

With groundbreaking technology spun out from MIT, it's no wonder that we can out perform 20th century labs and offer you a saving of up to 80%. Traditional blood testing is filled with overhead and middlemen costs. By selling directly to you and through our proprietary lab processes we are able to drastically reduce the costs and pass those savings on to you.







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