We believe in human potential

What we believe in

We believe in human potential. A potential which starts with the forces inside us, processes that are dependent on the proper balance of nutrients, determined by our unique and evolving nutrient levels.

We create a tremendous impact in people’s lives, enabling their full potential by providing the right nutrients, tailored to their needs. This impact rests on two pillars: the most actionable tools based on the most meaningful molecular data.

Ultimately, the impact we create rests on our integrity and our respect for our community of users, for ourselves, and this great opportunity in front of us: unlocking human potential.

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How we're different

We know your nutrients

There is no more meaningful window into your actual state of wellbeing than the molecules in your blood. Only this reveals your actual nutrient status at this very moment. Only this will allow us to personalize your nutrients to your actual needs and to track your progress over time.

We make data actionable

Knowing your nutrient status is great. An easy way to act on this information is even more important. We make it easier than ever for you to take action and improve your nutrient status. We’re starting by offering personalized daily supplements. And more to come...

We believe in science & transparency

You can monitor your progress and track the impact of the supplements we provide. We will use this data to research and advance nutrient science. We will always be transparent on how we perform to our users, the scientific community, and the public.

Who we are

Jon Amar


Fabien Bernard

App Developer

Cheyenne Bluhm, MS, RDN, LDN

Customer Care & Operations

Peter Crnokrak, PhD

Art Director

Silviu Croitoru


Simon Goedecke, MS

Nutrient Scientist

Isam Haddad, PhD


Joshua M. Kotfila, PhD, RDN

Nutrition Technology & Scientific Affairs

Frank Krüger

Software Architecture

Markus Okumus


Philipp Schulte


Jan Vichr